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NNG Industries can recondition or re-manufacture your worn acme or lead screws by thread milling, whirling, or regrinding back to original specifications.

If the screw thread is worn beyond economical repair, a new acme screw can be manufactured on an expedited basis as a new replacement acme nut is being fitted to the new or reconditioned screw according all according to it class of thread accuracy. This action is required for each specific application.

NNG can manufacture or recondition any type of conventional lead screw (Acme, Stub Acme, Centralizing Acme, or Trapezoidal), with capacities up to 8” diameter by 70′ feet long.

No matter what application or size, we want to become your go-to partner for quality reconditioned and new lead screw assemblies.

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Lead Screw Engineering

NNG Industries offers ground screws with a lead accuracy of .0005” per foot and a milled or whirled screw with .002” – .004” per foot lead accuracy. We can recondition high accuracy or high load carrying Acme or Trapezoidal screws with English or metric leads.

Reconditioning your original Acme or Trapezoidal lead screw is usually a very cost effective option. We have extensive expertise in retrofitting acme screws to ball screw assemblies if you are looking for an upgrade for your CNC machine tool.

Call today to see how NNG Industries can help you with your conventional lead screw needs. 

Now offering Onsite Leadscrew Removal & Installation

Our skilled technicians will come out to your facility and repair or remove components needed.

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