Ballscrew Repair

Providing cutting edge solutions when accuracy & Time  matters most!

We Service the Motion That Makes the World Move!


At NNG Industries, it’s our job to get you up and running as quickly as possible – and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our team of experienced, highly trained machinists, bench techs and engineering staff doesn’t just repair ball screws. Our expertise extends out to Lead screws, Roller screws, Liner guides, Ball-splines, Aerospace screws, Jack screws, Feed screws and much more.

Upon arrival, our skilled technicians will disassemble, clean and inspect the incoming assembly. We will then determine a solution to the cause of failure and provide a full 5-point analysis report.


At NNG Industries we have the Tools, Knowledge, Skill set, and Commitment it takes to minimize downtime,

NNG will expertly execute your repair, to get you up and running fast!! All refurbishments we service are built to OEM  spec's and guaranteed to perform.

Most importantly, our proprietary process allows us to deliver a better product in a shorter time frame than any OEM or competitor.

NNG has and will achieve the most difficult and complex repairs for our clints. Our mission is to complete all work rapidly, cost efficiently, and offer a full warranty from the date of installation.

Ask About Our Onsite Ball-screw Repair,Removal & Installation Service

Our skilled technicians will come out to your facility and repair or remove components needed.

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