Bearing Journal Repair

Maximizing Reliability & Increasing Performance

Improving Concentric Form and   Eliminating Critical Run-out!


Are your experiencing problems with an undersized, scored, bent or completely shredded ballscrew end?

Do not throw your assembly away! Bearing journals that have been broken off can be repaired by a special process.

Ship ball screw and journal pieces to us and we will engineer and install a new journal that meets ABMA specifications.

Bearing journals are inspected for proper size critical run-out and concentric form recording all major O.D. diameters and meeting OEM standards.

If the bearing diameters are worn, they  can be built up with an industrial substance for the ball screw to function properly with the support bearings in your machine.

NNG is Bringing your old assembly Back to Life!

Bearing journals that are undersized, scored, damaged or bent are repaired by a process determined by inspection. Repaired journals meet ABMA specifications for class ABEC-5 or better.


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