Bearing Journals Repair

Bearing Journal Repair

Maximizing Reliability & Increasing Performance

Improving Concentricity and Eliminating Critical Runout!

Are your experiencing problems with an undersized, scored, bent or completely shredded bllscrew? Do not throw your assembly away! Bearing journals are inspected for proper size critical runout and concentricity to the major O.D. of screw diameter.
If the bearing diameters are worn, they need to be built up with an industrial substance for the ball screw to function properly in your machine.

Upon arrival, our skilled technicians will disassemble, clean and inspect the incoming assembly. We will then determine a solution to the cause of failure and provide a full 5-point analysis report.
We at NNG Industries have the capabilities to perform even the most difficult and complex repairs. We complete all work rapidly, cost-efficiently, and offer a full warranty from the date of installation.
Now offering Onsite Ball-screw Removal & Installation
Our skilled technicians will come out to your facility and repair or remove components needed.(LABOR COSTS MAY APPLY)

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