Re-Manufacture and Retrofit

Re-Manufacture & Retrofit

A fast and cost effective way to purchase a new machine from OEM.

Want A New Machine? We Can Help.

A remanufacture includes all the characteristics of a rebuild and a retrofit plus a redesign of the machine to enhance its capabilities and improve its productivity.
Engineering improvements that can be included in remanufacturing include:

Increased cutting feed rates
Extending axis travels
Increased spindle speeds
Adding tool changers or pallet shuttles
Converting manual machines to full CNC

Remanufacturing is a cost effective method. It is most appropriate when replacement costs exceed budget constraints.

For machines that are mechanically sound, but have a defective or outdated controls, CNC retrofitting is an economical alternative to buying a new machine. A retrofit involves replacing the CNC control, servo and spindle motors, drives, electrical components, and wiring.
Our retrofits include:

Custom ladder design
New spindle and servo motors
New drives and I/O
Complete machine rewire
Operator and maintenance training
Complete digital documentation

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